Tuesday, May 27, 2008

this is what I've been up to..

So, we have been getting our house ready to move into this weekend.. sorry haven't even posted photo's from vacation.. will do maybe from our new house.. Hope everyone is well, this is what we've been doing..and this is only the down stairs but I am happy to say we don't have one white room in the house!! except for closets and laundry rm... the house was all white and nasty smelly carpet..(the people who lived there before had 6 kids under the age of 9 and 4 dogs, all of which were not taken care of...) whew, it's been alot of work!! i'm glad it's almost over and soon we can get settled into our new house and have a party!! yay!! can't wait to have you guys over!
the paint looks better dry.. i love it!!
Rachel painting...

claeaning the tops of the cupboards, ugh, that was gross..
They took out the yucky carpet down stairs and put in wood flooring..yay!! love it!
> Miss the days of dancing in the vineyards in Nappa Valley...... more of those later, gotta pack some boxes.... Love and miss you all!