Thursday, March 27, 2008


My friend Rachel decided that she wanted to have a little photo shoot with the girls in their easter dresses, I must say i have the prettiest little girls in the world (I'm not bias at all! hahaha) so here are some photo's of rachel taking photo's! hahaha!

how prescious is that!! oh man i"m so blessed/cursed! hahaha! cursed meaning when they are older and they have all theese boys calling for them! wow! I can' twait to see what kind of dad Simon will be then! hahaha!

a photo of the photo shoot, she did a great job!! we even got little Tommy in on a few!! those will show up again soon I'm sure!

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Girls"BIG" Birthday Party

hey all ! The girls had a blast at their birthday party!! Thanks to everyone who came, we all loved having you there! and for those that couldn't we missed you! The girls especially missed having their cousins Eva, Alastor, and Owen there (miss you soo much) Gonna have a bunch of photo's and explain if needed. It was held at The Little Gym. Enjoy!!

Gage got started right away!
These 4 are trouble!! JK, those were my regular boys that I watched but now Josh (beside Bella) is in school and Kingston (beside Nadya) just had a baby sister (Hayden) so he's staying home with Mommy. Miss those boys.
going around saying their names and ages
walking around in a circle to some song, as you can see it turned into running around pretty quickly!
rolling around
Camden even got into it! Ata boy Cam! way to follow directions!
pause for a photo with papa
ball time!!!
look Gage even got a ball among all the "big kids"
this is where they were knocking down the "big cheese wedge". The kids would (one at a time) stand on the green dot then run and knock over this huge foam wedge over. The kids really liked that!

Cam's turn! Go get it!
Birthday cake
waiting for some cake
Papa and his big Girls
Family shot.

getting ready to open gifts.
when we got home of course all the kids got all the new toys out.
the girls IMMEDIATELY got into their princess outfits, they looked so cute and beautiful, they wear them everyday, all day.
after being princesses the wanted to put on some of their new African outfits that Koko Mwasi (Si's mom) brought back from Africa

we got some African dresses to!! that Gilda, my sis-in-law, Bo's wife.
us in our African outfits.
It was an awesome day!@ people stayed over and more came to house had some snacks and just hung out and celebrated our girls, the whole weekend was fun (I'm still trying to recover! haha) Thank you all again for everything! have a great Easter!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My new 3yr old!

Nadya turned 3!! March 12th was her third birthday and she's been asking about her birthday since Bella had hers, and to my dismay it came sooner than later! She is sooo precious! I love my baby girl! she is sooo funny, sweet, loving, and entertaining.. It's soo funny cause we had her all wrong! You see when she was younger she was VERY aggressive, so we just knew that she was going to be our tom boy... NOT!! (hahaha! yes i just said not! , and yes i crack myself up!) She is the girliest girl ever! She loves pink, and sparkles and all that girlie stuff! When we would ask her what she wanted for her birthday she would say " umm.... a sparkly,shirt, sparkly dress, sparkly pants, and a sparkly hat , I already have sparkly shoes so I don't need sparkly shoes!!" hahahha! She still likes to play rough,pick her nose (and crack up cause she knows its supposed to be yucky), antagonize her sister,and best of all her cackle of a laugh when she thinks she is soo funny ( she usually is), but through all that she just wants pink sparkly "stuff". so here she is our beautiful 3 year old! Love you Nadi!

We woke her up super early (ok , it was 7, but si had to get to work!!) and gave her her Barbie Mariposa out fit. for those of you not fluent in spanish mariposa means butterfly, i learned that from Dora the Explorer.

still has no idea whats going on, although when we asked her if she knew how old she was she did hold up 3 fingers!

Ahhh! she's more awake and just blew out her candle.

she doesn't lie about her age.

Happy birthday sis!

P.s I cut my hair, here is the jist of it not that it looks much different when it's "done" . Have a great week can't wait to see alot of you this weekend!