Monday, April 28, 2008

hahaha! one more funny story...

So Bella has had a lot of "gas" today. She has just been toot'n' all over the place.. so i said "wow your really gassy today!" then I thought it was a perfect opportunity to teach her some science.. So I said: "do you know what that means when your gassy?
Bella:"what does it mean??"
Me:" it means that you have air in your belly and when you toot you let that air out"
In total disregard of my science lesson she replies: " yeah there are people in my belly walking around putting gas in me!! I'm their car and they think I'm thirsty so they are putting gas in me!!"
Meanwhile Nadya is walking around pretty upset saying: " that doesn't smell good mommy! It doesn't smell good in here!!"
Bella starts laughing and says "it's just me Nadya!"
Ahhh! The joys of children! They crack me up every day!

April showers..

I know, I know, it's been WAY to long since my last post..But after much convincing from a beautiful young woman whose name will remain anonymous, I decided to buckle down and post a blog. Sooo let's catch you up here.
#1. We are going on vacation!!! YAY!! Next weekend we will be driving to North Carolina and dropping the girls off at my in laws and then Si and I are flying to San Francisco!!!! WHEW HOOOO!!! We will be in CA for 5days!! This is the longest we've ever been with out the girls and the longest time Si and I have had our very own vacation!! It'll be interesting leaving the girls! I'm excited, sad, nervous and ready for it all at the same time!! There will definitely be some fun postings after that!
#2. We are moving into a house!!! YAY!! When we get back from our fun filled vacation the family and I will be moving into a house! We are still going to be renting, which is good, we get to try the house out for size and if we love it we'll buy it, or if we hate it there is no attachment to it. I'm just really excited to be in a house and have a separate area for all the girls toys and "stuff" and have another place that we can relax, and not always be in the same room as them cause right now if you are in the living room, kitchen, dinning or computer room your still in just one big room. Now I know the girls stuff will make it's way from the loft to the the living room but at least I know where it goes..It is a 3 bed room 2 1/2 bath has a loft and garage... yay!!
#3. Nadya had an ENT Dr.s appointment today and we have found that she NEEDS her tonsils and adenoids taken out and may need tubes put in her ears to maybe improve her hearing, I say maybe because they did a hearing test on her and they couldn't tell if it was her just being scared and shy or if she couldn't if in deed she has lost some hearing (which was a concern of mine because it's been a obvious loss of hearing that I have noticed , but know it's because of her adenoids... they did a few tests and we're going to do a retest in a few weeks.. so I'll let you know more on that, when i do, her surgery will be in the end of June beginning of July.. that is a scary and stressful thing, please pray for her and us as we go through that with her...
I think that's it as far as major events that have happened to us in the last couple weeks.. So here are some photo's of Bella playing dress up.. she's gone from the princess thing to dogs, which led into angry teenager and the hippie child.. hahahahah! there you go Hillary! I told you I would post one!!! (love you) May a storm of blessings fall on all of you! We love you!!

I just threw this one in for the "aww" factor.. I love it! so peaceful!