Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Saul.

So for those of you who don't know we named our precious baby boy Saul.  It means 'wanted or wished for".  That's why we decided on the name because we wanted and wished for him sooo much and are so happy that we get to have a son! Simon is hoping that Saul will help him earn some of his "man card " back.  We are feeling a lot better today after a lot of prayer and just letting all the information settle in. I just have a sense of peace and KNOW that it's all in Gods hands and that he is taking care of baby Saul and will provide us with whatever it is we need to handle whatever the situation or outcome may be.  We know that He is the healer and that what we know is only a fraction of what He knows.  So we are trusting in Him and still praying for continued peace and healing.  I can't thank God enough for having such an AMAZING group pf family and friends that are here to support us, and be here for us! THANK YOU sooooo much! I'll keep everyone updated on how things are going, right now it's just kind of a waiting game.  I also wanted to share that the girls have just been sooo sweet, we told them yesterday that Saul can hear them now and they just kept talking to my belly saying things like " this is Bella/Nadya , I love you Saul!! we can't wait for you to get here, we're your big sisters....." It was soo cute.. So thank you all again! We love and appreciate you sooo much!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're having a BOY!!

 Can you believe it! I'm posting again! hahaha! We just found out yesterday, more like confirmed, that we are having a baby boy! We're all really excited!  The girls even said that they wanted a baby boy before a baby girl so i think everyone is pleased with the outcome.  We haven't picked a name yet, for some reason it seems harder this time!  I feel like there's a lot more thought going into it, maybe too much thought, but we'll let you know when we come up with our son's name. Our son!!Sounds weird, but awesome... So here is the part where we NEED everyone's prayers.. During the ultra sound the found a "moderate" size cyst on his neck that is twice the size of his stomach, and also his umbilical cord only has 2  blood vessels instead of 3 which is called single umbilical artery and only 1% of single births have it( heart issues, urinarytract issues, and other abnormalities can come from this)... Otherwise everything is completely normal, he's growing, all his other organs appear normal, he doesn't have any  physical deformities, other than the cyst and the umbilical cord... So they sent us straight away to a specialist who took another ultrasound with more powerful equipment and pretty much confirmed what the first ultrasound discovered. Then the Dr. started talking what sounded like gibberish to me and basically told us all the things that it could be (none of which sounded good).  The ones she talked most about were that it could be a tracheoesopageal festula, (look it up, don't feel like explaining) or just a cyst in his neck (could also be chromosomal or genetic defects). Either one of the 2 "main focuses" will need immediate surgery after he is born.  We are to say the least very scared and really concerned for our precious baby. There is a lot of unknowns and"could be this or that" and it's all really overwhelming.  So this is what we're doing, instead of doing an amniocentesis we are just going to monitor it, which means getting ultrasounds every couple weeks. The next ultra sound is going to be an EKG on the baby's heart, and then I will have to get an MRI, so they can maybe better tell whats going on.  We are praying for our son and hoping he's not in any pain or discomfort.  It was encouraging and even the Dr. said that because he was soooo active that it was a good sign.  He was all over the place... So just keep our family in your prayers the girls know that the baby may be sick when he gets here and they are still more than willing to help mama take care of him. We're trying to stay as positive as we can and just praying.