Saturday, January 26, 2008

My girls crack me up!!

OK, not much to say but that the girls looove to dress themselves , more like insist on it so here are a few photo's of their out fits! enjoy!!

Nadya(Cinderella) and friend Samara(Belle?)
Bella as Snow white
Love this outfit yellow shirt, white frilly dress that is way tooo small, it wouldn't even zip up in the back, pink shorts, green tights with navy deer on them and multi colored crocs to tie it all together.!!! hahahah! love it my little fasioneesta
midnight service they were only going to wear their p.j's but insisted on wearing dresses over them, you gotta let them express themselves right??
these boots were made for walking and they look sooo much better on her than they do on me!

the girls looove putting on Uncle BoBo's clothes on when we go visit them, it's sort of become tradition! every time we go there the first thing they want to do is put his

this is a funky scarf that I have, they loooove wearing it! this time they decided to attach themselves by the head.
You remember this one, undies,headband, necklaces, yeah, I think she's all about the accessories not so much the outfit!! hahhaa

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Feeling the Love

I just had the best weekend!! Simon was gone all week on a spiritual retreat, so I got to have even more one on one time with my girls.. So the nights he was gone, the girls and I would do a "special thing since papa is gone ". They got to fall asleep with me on the couch, and then I would take them to bed. So on Thursday night Simon calls and is just telling me about how much he misses me and doesn't think he's gonna be able to make it the rest of the weekend, I thought "Awww! he misses me! " (He's gone on several business trips but has always been so busy that he didn't get the chance to REALLY miss me, or atleast mean it when he told me, hahaha!). So i thought that was just awesome that he was miserable because he missed me soo much. ;-). That night the girls were falling asleep on the couch while I held them and they tell each other they "I love you", grab hold of each others hands and fall asleep! (awww) and then simultaneously in their sleep they let go of each others hands and each of them grab my hand!! (tear, tear!! sooo beautiful!!) so I waited a little longer before I took them to bed that night! So Friday comes along and Simon calls and says "I'm on my way home, pack you and the girls up we're gonna go somewhere!!!" WHAT!!! AWESOME!! So he takes us to Cincinnati, we drop the girls off at my brother-in-law's(and his wife) place and we go and stay at the HILTON!!! It was amazing! and then on Saturday night we decided to have the girls with us and that to was just incredible! just the boost I needed!! I can't thank God enough for having such an amazing family!! Simon didn't have to take me on a weekend get away, I was happy enough with him going crazy cause he missed me so much! hahah! I love you Simon! I love you Izabella and Nadya!! Thanks you Lord, from the bottom of my heart I am eternally grateful, and owe you BIG time for this awesome family and life you have given me!
The Family enjoying our stay in the hotel! It was soo much fun, relaxing and just getting out of the house was a bonus! hahaha!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Please pray for Kenya

My parents have been up here in Indiana for about a month and a half, and we have the pleasure of having them stay with us for 3 weeks... They were supposed to leave to go back to Kenya on the 7th of Jan. However that has had to be postponed because things are REALLY horrible in Kenya right now. They just had elections and it was apparently a really shady election so there is a lot of fighting, looting, killings the death count as of now is almost 300, this has just happened in the last week.Roads are closed, airports have cancelled flights and people can't even go to the grocery store safely.. It's really sad because Kenya is normally a very peaceful country and has just progressed wonderfully, and this is going to set them back like 20 years. I have my whole dads side of the family there, friends , many loved ones. Please pray for the safety of all the innocent, the children,our families and just the country as a whole. I'm so glad that mom and dad aren't there right now in the midst of this and that they are safely here with us. They have been a tremendous help for us with watching the kids, financially,doing dishes, and Simon and I have had more time to spend together to ! That's always great! Thanks mom and dad for all your help! We love you and are enjoying our time with you.