Thursday, December 18, 2008

Morning Sickness

It has begun. UGH!! Not sure why they call it morning sickness cause for me it hits at night... And it pretty much sucks.. But all worth it in the end.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I got knocked up!!

So there it is you guys!! 3 tests all positive, for baby # 3!!! AGHHHHHH!! I can't believe it!! right now I'm soo excited, and I haven't started feeling like crap either so that's really nice!!! I've been having a few anxiety moments with the thoughts of how challenging it's going to be with 3 and not having and extra hand... But I'm sure you may or may not hare about more of those excitements and anxieties later on.. but For now I'm just praising God and grateful for the blessing and opportunity.   For now I think I'm about 6 weeks along, which means it'll be an August /September babe, I have my first appointment the first week in January, so I guess I'll "know" more specifics then!!! YAY!!! We're having another baby!! Lord Please be with us!! Love you guys!! 

Friday, December 5, 2008


So I had a horrible flashback of when I was 8 or 9... My sisters used to tell me as a "tease" that I was "adopted" from the "Philippines" because I had "almond" shaped eyes or that the were"slanted" and because I had loads of freckles...)please notice all the "s, you may say "That makes no sense" but I was 8 or 9 people!!! And trust me I already thought something was weird because i was a different "shade" than my mom... At that time I wasn't smart enough to put 2 &2 together, if I had considered my Dad I had come to that " somewhere in between", it might have made more sense to me... Any how the reason for the story is....... Nadya and I were hanging out, being cuddly and giggly  and she looked up at me and said "mommy why do your eye's look like this??", she took her little fingers and pulled her little eyes as far apart as she could.... making them as small and as slanted as she could....... After coming to terms that my sisters were"just teasing me".. I found myself self conscious again, I guess I didn't realize it was that obvious!! .. I should have known that when I did the "Celebrity-look-a-like" and all the people were Asian celebrities, that maybe my eyes are more slanted than I thought.... Well y'all  that's the way God made me!! It's kinda funny because after that happened prior to me telling anyone I went to a Japanese restaurant to meet with friends and when I walked in they thought I was one of the owners!!... NICE!!!  Love you guys Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, in case I don't get on here before!! May God Bless you by the tons!!