Friday, November 30, 2007

we're back!!

O.K... This is just a short blog because i thought this was hilarious and had to post it right away.. So Bella said she needed to go potty before her bath. "O.K go" I said.. 10 minutes later. "Bella what are you doing in there?" Bella's response "going potty!!". Knowing my children i decide to go in and check on her just knowing I'm going to catch her getting into stuff she's not supposed to. I walk into the bathroom and sure enough she's sitting on the potty reading a magazine!!! hahahahahhahahahha! i just cracked up!! I wonder who she learned that from... hhmmm!! hahahha! Man i wish i had taken a photo! It was sooo cute seeing her on the potty, pants down to her ankles, reading a magazine, knowing she thought she was sooo "adult" for doing that! hahahah OK more about NC next time plenty of photo's to!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

check this out~

Bella can write her name, all by herself, with out any help!!!!!
Here are a few of her name writtings,
She even did it with a "baby" b! (that photo wouldn't upload)
This is all very exciting but I'm thinking about slowing down in the learning-how-to-write stage cause first off,it's crazy (sorta sad really exciting) and it also means she's that much closer to forging my signature.
So this week we are going to North Carolina for Thanks giving and we leave tomorrow!! Yay!! Thank God for the invention of those mini DVD players that you put in the car! Hahaha! Love you all and hope you have a Wonderful Thanks giving! I have sooo much to be thankful for i don't even know where to start. Of course my handsome, incredibly loving hubby, and the best father ever!
my wonderful children, and my amazing friends! love you!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

quotes of friday..

Bella: "mama, why is your belly so big." hmmmm. I guess it's time to get back to the gym, but I'm quite happy with my life of eating and sitting..hahahha!
Nadya: " you have to hold hands and have sweets or you get sick!!".... yeah, I'll let you ponder that one.
Yesterday i got to witness Camden and Gage getting dedicated. I feel so privileged to be a part of their support system! LOVE YOU BOYS!!! ( and your wonderful parents to!!) . Just a short one more later! Have a great week!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

my little grown up.

Bella is growing up.:-( She is really starting to try to make sense out of things like words, feelings and those kinds of things. For instance she said "barbecue is called barbecue cause it's full of Qs!". So yesterday when it was nap time she didn't want to go take a nap (of course) and she says "Mama your hurting my feelings!". Usually my automatic response to hearing someones feelings are hurt is to feel bad, but i actually wanted to crack up(cause she was trying so hard to get out of taking a nap). I kept it serious (cause she was) and said " I'm sorry your feelings are hurt, but you still have to take a nap" and then when she was in bed she said " my feelings don't look so good cause they are hurting". AWWW!! So then last night she wakes up at 3 in the a.m (cause Nadya woke up @ 2) and wanted to come sleep out on the couch, i was like whatever as long as you go to sleep, ( i was barely awake). She then she started talking REALLY loud so i started to shush her in the middle of her sentence and she stopped and and looked at me and said in a quiet voice "Mommy that wasn't very nice." hahahha! Then today on the way home from MOPS, she started to fall asleep and said "Mommy I'm just resting my eyes." Hahahaha! It's just nuts how much they are growing up! We went to the mall yesterday to let them play in the little play area and it was so cute cause Bella kept bringing her friends over that she had just made and would say " this is my mama and my papa" and at the same time i would hear Nadya looking at kids saying "do you want to be my friend".. I 'm still trying to get over the fact that I am a mother!! I know i should be over it by now but I feel like they are growing up so fast that it just catches up to me every once in a while! i love them sooo much! I am so blessed!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

first dental appointment and the backyardigans

The girls had their first dentist appointment!!! I thought it was only best to have it before trick or treating, that way they definitly wouldn't have cavaties!! hahahaha! They did amazing!! I have to say the dental office we went to was AWESOME!!!! Seriously! They made the girls feel (and me cause I'm scared of the dentist!) very comfortable with the whole experience. In the waiting room they had video games!!! It made me want to go hang out there!! (date nite Si??) hahaha! Their hygenist was incredible and sooooo good with the girls. First she took the tools she was going to be using on them and let them feel them on their nails, so it wouldn't be so scary. For instance with the toothbrush she "made their nails sparkley" and then she wanted to "make their teeth sparkle". I looove Fishers Pediatric Dentistry!!

Halloween was so fun! The photo's speak for themselves, they are adorable! Bella was Pablo ( we called her Petey Pab all night) and Nadya was Uniqua (reminds me of when Jess used to call me Shaniques! hahaha!). We went with their "best friend " Samara. She's the white tiger, and she had a mean ROAR! They cleaned house! We trick or treated in Samamra's nieghborhood ( there was like 10 houses). No one ever goes trick or treating in that nighborhood (they are huge houses off Giest lake). Soo everyone was super excited to see us and put handfuls and handfuls of candy in their bags!! Yay, more for me!! hahah! We had a contest going of which one of the kids could yell "TRICK OR TREAT!" the loudest, Bella won a few, and Samara did to, Nadya was to interested on getting to the candy bowls! hahaha! .. Their prize?? Candy of course! Hope everyone had a great halloween! I can't wait to see all the photo's!!