Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Most Favoritest Man.

I just want to say I have the most amazing husband in the world! He has been a strong force in our family.. Not only is he working a very stressful job (not to mention taking on 3 different jobs), He's in school getting his MBA, he's getting awesome grades, and even searching for other jobs so he can grow even more and dealing well with the stress that comes with that. On top of all that He still finds time to send me e-mails everyday with words of encouragement (or whatever he feels like), he helps around the house, make me laugh, makes sure we stay on top of things spiritually, and loves me in the most perfect way. He's the most fantastic father, and even more comes home to other kids I'm watching and has fun with them to! He's is such a wonderful man! God really showed me favor when he blessed me with this man! THANK YOU LORD!!!!

I'm the luckiest girl in the world, isn't he soooo dreamy! hahahaha!

He is handsome even with a "dirty 'stache" !

My man is a model! Nice hat!

I love you "more than I can promise" Simon! Thank you for all you are and all you do!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Izabella is 4 today!!

Wow, I'm not really sure how to start this blog or what to say. My first born is no longer a toddler! She's a preschooler!! She's like a real kid!! It seems like yesterday I held her in my arms for the first time, nursed her for the first time, cried cause i couldn't get her to stop crying for the first time, became overly protective for the first time, loved like I'd never loved for the first time....saw her reach, sit, crawl, stand, cruise, walk, fall, first time she bled and how instead of being panicked I was calm, first tooth, word, and the most blessed thing , the first time she said "I love you." I know all of you who have children remember all those "first times", how could you ever forget them, they are the most beautiful, prescious, magical moments you have "for the first time" with your first child! It is so emotional for me to know that she is no longer a toddler but is a preschooler, a real kid!! Don't get me wrong it is sad but it is also amazing to see her growing up into the little girl (not young lady yet, that comes ALOT later, baby steps you guys c'mon!)that God wants and has created her to be. My prayer is that I can be the mother that she needs me to be to prepare her for this world, to have self confidence, and most of all to continue in the path that God has started her on. I'm aware later on in life she may get off the path a wee bit, but I hope that God can and will use me during those times to get her back on the path and right back to where God wants her. I love her soo much and the person she is becoming, and even admire some traits she has that let me know she'll get by and survive this crazy life just fine. So I guess all in all I am soooo grateful for the incredible gift God has given me with my first born, and am soooo humbled that God would grant me this honor not only once but twice and hopefully more to come... I love you Izabella Lobunza Kratzat! My Bellarina princess.
Bella's "little birthday" as she calls it, her "Big Birthday" is coming later,

She got her first real digital camera..Our way of getting her to stop using ours before she breaks it!

She was sooo excited and has been taking pictures non stop, and uploading them onto the computer. She's actually had some really good photos!! (Watch out Jeanne! Actually you can be her mentor..)

She got an Angelina Ballerina movie from Gramma Nili and Babu, for my little Bellarina...

There she is, my gorgeous 4 year old first born daughter.