Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good News!!

I know it's been a looong time since I've said anything on here about Saul.  First off I want to thank ALL of you for your love,support and prayers! We have truly felt Gods love and presence through all of you and we can't Thank you enough for that!.  So Saul had his echo cardio a while ago and his heart is perfect, that was the main concern with only having the 2 vessel cord. PRAISE GOD! We've had a few more ultrasounds since then and the cyst is still there, it's measuring about 2cm by 1cm, for a while it was growing with him but at today 's ultrasound they said it was the same size and that it wasn't growing!!! PRAISE GOD!! So the cyst is still there, however he's growing and it's staying the same size!! The doctors are very impressed by how active he is, and he's growing at a great rate. He's starting to grow more and faster now the Dr.s assured me, but I'm pretty sure my belly and weight gain have assured me of that! ha ha! He weighs a little over 2Lbs right now, and they said that's normal so he's not a small baby which was another concern... OK I think I've got all that I know out... Thanks again for your prayers, we appreciate them and still need them! ALSO.... Tomorrow we have the inspection on our house in Pendleton, praying that goes well and if so we'll close between Friday(the 22nd) and Tuesday the 26th!! YAY!! Our very first house! We're so excited, and a little afraid.


Anonymous said...

Praise God! So happy for you guys... that is great news! Can't wait to meet little Saul!