Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lots going on

OK!!! Since the last blog, we moved into our new house!! yay!!! All our stuff is here anyway, just have to unpack the boxes.  The girls are in NC with their in-laws for 2 weeks!! 1 week down 1 more to go.  I miss them, and definitely cried when they left, but it's been nice to be able to get stuff done around the house and go to Dr. appts w/o having to worry about them. They are having a blast out there.  It's been really great to spend time with just Simon. We haven't had this much time, just the 2 of us since Bella was born , that was about 6months after we got married!! It's been really nice to have some quality time with him.  

Now for the not as good news.... 
 I had a Dr.s appt last Wednesday.  I had gained 7 lbs in 2 wks and my belly measurement jumped from 30 cm to 34cm!! The Dr. was definitely concerned with that because she had just gotten my glucose test and thyroid results and found that I have borderline gestational diabetes and my thyroid is still on the "under active" side. Luckily i had an ultrasound already set up for the next day to try to figure out what was going on in this belly of  mine.  She was concerned about the size of the baby ( women w diabetes have larger babies). Thursday comes and I go in for my ultrasound.  The cyst on Sauls neck had doubled in size from 2 wks ago, it hasn't grown that fast this whole time and even stopped growing for a little bit, and I have to much amniotic fluid, the highest your supposed to be is 24 and I had 29! I had gone from 17 to 29 in 2 wks!!  That explained the rapid growth.  They aren't sure if all that extra amniotic fluid is from the diabetes ( that would make Saul pee a lot) or if Saul isn't swallowing as much or isn't able to swallow enough due to the cyst. Saul is weighing about 3.9 Lbs which is normal and comforting (he's actually measuring about a wk ahead but still in the very normal range). I also found out that they have had my due date as August 8th instead of the 16th so that made me feel a little better. They put me on the monitor to monitor my contractions because I'd been having a lot more Braxton hicks contractions. All that to say, I'm on a diabetic diet even though it's not fully diabetes ( but we want to prevent it ) and I'm on slight bed rest. Basically that means I can do my normal things just have to take a lot more breaks to rest, and if anything I do makes me have a contraction, I have to stop and can't do that thing anymore.. The concern right now is that I could go into preterm labor since my uterus thinks it's further along (because of all the amniotic fluid) than it really is. So they told me to count and time my Braxton hicks contraction , if I have more than 6 in an hr I have to go in and also if my water breaks, obviously I have to go in. Which is scary, I've never been told @ 30 wks " if your water breaks..."  So, continue to keep us in your prayers. It's been difficult trying to rest when we just moved into our first home,the girls are gone,i could be getting sooo much done! I want to unpack and make the home truly ours but I guess I have to do it slowly slowly.  My next appt is this Friday and I have the MRI on Monday, we also have to meet with the pediatric surgeon Monday.. Crazy.  Love you all. Thanks for your support, thoughts and prayers.