Friday, June 12, 2009

A little update..

Hello all! I had an ultrasound today.. It was AWESOME! My amniotic fluid went from measuring 29cm to 22cm!!! Still on the high side of normal the Dr. warned but hey at least I'm in normal range!! YAY!! Last week when they did a cervical ultrasound they found what they call "funneling" , basically your not supposed to have that until your about to go into labor, and there was NONE at all today!!! I went from being high risk to just at risk in one week!! Thank the Lord!! I guess resting and laying around really did work! I have to keep it up though to prevent from going back into that risky place! It is still hard because again being in our new home wanting to get as much of the basic unpacking and decorating done, I have to count on Simon A LOT to help and I can do some but I have to be sure to put my feet up and rest every few minutes. That's hard for me to do , it's also hard for me to boss Simon around. I know I know I should be loving it, but I'm "that person" that has to do it myself, cause only I do it right. ha ha! I guess through this whole thing the lessons I'm learning are that it's ok to and I SHOULD ask for help (very hard for me to do) and that i need to count on others and its perfectly fine if it's not exactly the way I would do it, and most of all to DEPEND on God, I don't have to hard of a time trusting in His will and in Him, but depending on Him for some reason falls into a different category, it's more like the asking for help... So God is good , He always is, always has been and always will be.. OH!! We also got some more 3D photos and Saul is totally smiling in one! He's already got me wrapped around his little fingers.