Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ode to our cousins aka neice and nephews (and the parents to)

So my sister Elaine and her family just moved out to Seattle Washington!! sniff ! It was sooo hard to see them go , of course we know it was better for their family and at least it's not as far as Kenya so it'll be easier to go see them.While they were here our girls just connected with their kids right away and had a blast with them every time they got together.. Bella and Nadya really look up to their cousin Eva, she's 5. Since they've been gone the girls have been having "pretend Eva, Alastor and Owen" around, whether it's them pretending they are them or having their stuffed animals be them. They miss them and so do we!!! I love you Elaine, Matt and the kids! I miss having you close by, knowing that you were a just 20 minutes away! I know you have to do what you have to do (especially for the fam) . I thank God soo much for having such an awesome family and friends in our lives! Thank you for always being there to support us! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU SOOO MUCH!

Owen double fisting it.
Alastor, Nadya, Eva, and Bella

Bella and Alastor hugging bye... and sticking their tongues out. They are literally 2 months apart, Alastor just turned 4 this pas t weekend, that means Bella is going to be 4 in 2 months!! OH MY!!!!!


Joel, Hillary & Camden said...

Bella CANNOT be almost 4!!!!!!!!!! Where has the time gone??? We love you guys...looking forward to working HG Friday night! Last year Nat and I were pregnant!! Remember?? So much happens in a year! I think it's your turn! :) HA!