Monday, December 10, 2007

ok it's late, but here it is..

Here are some photo's of our time in NC. It was AWESOME!!

Helping Aunt Gilda cook
wearing uncle Bo Bo's soccer jerseys,
Si and Bella making sandcastles, on the swings with Koko "Bali"

Listening to koko Bali
they were fascinated with what he had to say, ( i think he was asking them about colors and stuff)

walking back to the house, it was down that road in the back ground

The most beautiful bathtub ever! Its so big i can lay down all the way without bending my legs!!

Bella and Uncle G!! He and koko Deano built the house (even that bathtub!!)
Joshua, their cousin was amazing with the girls! They really miss him and hs a wonderful time with him.

The coldest night we were there, girls with koko mwasi, they looove bonfires! The biggest bonfire I've ever been to!

It was Uncle G's b-day! Happy Birthday Uncle Godar!!We had a blast! Thank you for having us ! It was wonderful! Love you! give Thanks!


Robin said...

Great pics of the kids and your NC trip! Your kids are just so photogenic! I am sure that you have SO many pictures of them already!

Ok, so I am answering your questions/comments that you posted on my blog...on your blog!

Cheesy background...yeah yeah, I know! James told me that he couldn't wait until Christmas was over just so I would change it!

Thursday afternoon is open! Please come over for a lovely gourmet meal of mac n cheese, hot dogs or chicken nuggets! Ha! No Thai food this time, sorry!

Love ya too!

rene said...

sounds like a date!! yay! the girls (and I) will be sooo excited! do you need me to bring anything?? let me know! see you bright and early , and maybe on time??? hahahhahahaha! yeah right!hahahaha! love you!