Friday, December 28, 2007

This is going to be a loooong one! merry christmas!

Merry late Christmas and Happy New year to everyone! We had a wonderful Christmas season this year! The girls really were getting into everything! From the snow, christmas songs, decorating christmas cookies,learning about Jesus's birthday, all the way to Santa and their favorite, Rudolph!! hahahaha! So here are alot of photo's of the holiday! I hope you all had as wonderful a time as we did with our family! Love you all!

Uncle Manny and the girls making cookies for Santa.

The girls dancing around waiting to go to the midnight service, it was so cute, they wanted to wear dresses so they put dresses on over their pajama's! haha!
The girls watching childrens choirs sing christmas songs. They loved it! They were clapping singing and dancing!
I just love this photo of Bella ! Isn't she adorable with those big brown eyes!

This is Christmas a.m.I had to wake them up! hahaha! They wanted to sleep in the living room to wait for Santa, and in the morning when they woke up Nadya was so upset cause she didn't see santa, she didn't even want to open her stocking or gifts! hahahaha! We kept telling her Santa only comes when you are asleep. Finally we got her to open up her stuff, but even after all was said and done she said " hey! but i didn't see santa!" Oh my!
opening gifts..

Bella loved the guitar! She kept "rocking out" and everytime she was done she would say ( and still does) "That was good rocking!!" or "that was good Rock and roll!" hahhaha!
Here is Nadya buried in all the blankets, gifts, and wrapping paper. I think the whole thing was a bit overwhelming for her, (I'm sure all of you with little ones understand completely!) but she enjoyed herself to!

I cooked my first christmas meal ever!!! It was sooo much fun! I really did enjoy it! I made 2 roasted chickens, roasted turkey and a pot roast ,sides, and 2 cheesecakes! I have to mention that it was also the first time I had ever made any of these things and they all turned out great! Not to brag but it all was pretty darn good, and my cheesecakes were amazing!! hahahaha!It was fun, I really didn't stress about it and everything went pretty smoothly, must be beginers luck! hahaha!
Simon slaving over the hot stove all day long! (hahaha yeah right) He did do a great job keeping the girls entertained so I didn't have to worry about them all day. Thanks for your help Si!

It looks good! and it's finally done!

Here is the end result, I felt like i cooked alot more than what it looks like but it was good and i can say we were all stuffed and had plenty of left overs! Hope everyone is recovering from the food and craziness of Christ mas! I can't believe a new year is already upon us! I hope everyone had a great 2007 and that 2008 will bring many more blessings and stories! Love you all! Thanks for reading this! hahahah

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ode to our cousins aka neice and nephews (and the parents to)

So my sister Elaine and her family just moved out to Seattle Washington!! sniff ! It was sooo hard to see them go , of course we know it was better for their family and at least it's not as far as Kenya so it'll be easier to go see them.While they were here our girls just connected with their kids right away and had a blast with them every time they got together.. Bella and Nadya really look up to their cousin Eva, she's 5. Since they've been gone the girls have been having "pretend Eva, Alastor and Owen" around, whether it's them pretending they are them or having their stuffed animals be them. They miss them and so do we!!! I love you Elaine, Matt and the kids! I miss having you close by, knowing that you were a just 20 minutes away! I know you have to do what you have to do (especially for the fam) . I thank God soo much for having such an awesome family and friends in our lives! Thank you for always being there to support us! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU SOOO MUCH!

Owen double fisting it.
Alastor, Nadya, Eva, and Bella

Bella and Alastor hugging bye... and sticking their tongues out. They are literally 2 months apart, Alastor just turned 4 this pas t weekend, that means Bella is going to be 4 in 2 months!! OH MY!!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

ok it's late, but here it is..

Here are some photo's of our time in NC. It was AWESOME!!

Helping Aunt Gilda cook
wearing uncle Bo Bo's soccer jerseys,
Si and Bella making sandcastles, on the swings with Koko "Bali"

Listening to koko Bali
they were fascinated with what he had to say, ( i think he was asking them about colors and stuff)

walking back to the house, it was down that road in the back ground

The most beautiful bathtub ever! Its so big i can lay down all the way without bending my legs!!

Bella and Uncle G!! He and koko Deano built the house (even that bathtub!!)
Joshua, their cousin was amazing with the girls! They really miss him and hs a wonderful time with him.

The coldest night we were there, girls with koko mwasi, they looove bonfires! The biggest bonfire I've ever been to!

It was Uncle G's b-day! Happy Birthday Uncle Godar!!We had a blast! Thank you for having us ! It was wonderful! Love you! give Thanks!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nadya's turn

I know i said I'd post stuff about NC this time, but your just going to have to wait!. So, I've been feeling the pressure of having another baby, not just from friends (you know who you are!!)hahaha! but mostly from my very own precious daughters!!! My own kids are putting the pressure on! Besides asking if i have a baby in my belly, whenever we look at toys ( supposed to be for them for Christmas ) they always pick out stuff for their baby brother and sister! WHICH THEY DO NOT HAVE!!!! They really want a baby around, don't know if they know exactly what that means. I mean they have named their baby brother and sister (different names every time) talk about all they things they want to do with them... Yadda yadda yadda! EVERYDAY!! It does make me happy to know that when/if it happens someday, they will be very excited, so that's a good thing. Any way the reason for this is to show you that Nadya is a funny girl to! I've explained to the girls that pregnancy is like a baby hiding in their mommy's belly and when they are ready, they come out . So here is Nadya with her baby "hiding in her belly..

I think baby was kicking!
Re-adjusting baby, she must have been uncomfortable, Gosh don't you mamas wish we could have "re-adjusted" baby when they were making us uncomfortable!

I think she's about to pop! It was cute cause even though baby was "hiding in her belly" she kept rubbing it's face with hers and telling it "it's o.k" hahaha! sooo cute! love her! Don't worry when the time comes I'll teach her about the birds and the bee's and hopefully I'll gross her out enough ( even though it is a beautiful thing) that this won't happen for at least 40 years! hahaha!